Miracle House Church International - ~A local church with a world-wide mission~
The Making of a Miracle
Pastor Mark A Hall, the husband of Elder Daisy Hall.  He is a man that makes wearing many hats look easy.   For over ten years he served as the Pastor of Leadership, an Instructional Educator of the ministerial staff, and Minister of Music for Rhema Christian Fellowship-Athens where he served faithfully under his spiritual father and younger brother, Bishop Stephen B. Hall.
On April 1, 2008, Pastor Hall was transformed into a Matthew 26 man, as he was allowed to wake up in his own private Garden of Gethsemane. He was given the cup to drink that carried stage five (end-stage) Renal Failure, several strokes, back- to-back seizures and swelling to his brain. The doctors were not optimistic about his recovery and felt that if he recovered at all, he would be very limited in the things he could do. Pastor Hall looked death in the face and by God's grace,  turn and walked away.
God reached down and took him by the hand and lead him down a road of pain, confusion and isolation that would ultimately lead to him not just preaching the gospel, but also pastoring a church.  
Having a devoted wife, family members and friends that knew how to send up fervent prayers to a God full of mercy, grace and love, we have with us today a walking, talking, and breathing God-ordained  MIRACLE.  He is truly one of God’s special and loved preachers. Pastor Mark A. Hall, Founder and Senior Pastor of Miracle House Church International, Athens, Ga